North Carolina


Amusement – (NC): carnival, fair, sideshow, carousel, rides, etc related

Animals, Preserves, Safaris – (NC)

Buildings – (NC): oddly or uniquely shaped buildings, retro buildings, clock towers to lighthouses; some are restaurants or gas stations; some are remnants of a bygone heyday; cute, strange, variety of stuff

Cars, Planes, Trains, & Other Transportation – (NC)

Eerie, Bizarre, or Haunted – (NC): strange locations or themes; also reportedly haunted places

Festivals – (NC)

Food – (NC)

Gangster, Outlaws, Pirates, & Bad Guys – (NC)

Grave Sites – (NC)

Historical Sites – (NC)

In The Area, So Of Course – (NC)

Markers, Monuments & Memorials – (NC)

Movie & TV Related – (NC)

Museums – (NC): may include some well known; may also contain museums of specific items, places or people (such as Mustard, John Wayne, etc); some strange, bizarre or cute

Music & Musician Connections – (NC)

Parks – (NC): some state & national, you will also find unique, fun & interesting local parks in various towns & cities; also unusual amusement or historical type parks

Pioneers & Explorers – (NC): sites connected to pioneers, those who settled first; those who explored areas- could include a wide range of people & places such as Daniel Boone, Lewis & Clark, buildings from the time of the westward movement, settlements in the early years of America, or the era of the gold rush

Religious – (NC)

Rest Areas – (NC): listing rest areas that have an interesting attraction, memorial, photo op, etc.

Samples & Freebies – (NC)

Shopping – (NC): Unusual places to shop, nostalgic roadside shops, places to shop for the unusual, unique or unexpected, shops or stores that are unique in products or environment

Sports – (NC)

Statues – (NC)

Stick Your Face Through Photo Opportunities – (NC)

Tours – (NC)

Towns – (NC): Towns that have a specific theme throughout the whole town or at least a section dedicated to a theme

Wars, Feuds, Battles, & Military – (NC)