Road Trip Attractions: What to See & Do

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What is this site about? Having fun on road trips and exploring the attractions along the way.

A road trip may be as short as one day or as long as several months; it’s up to you. A road trip may be due to visiting family, vacation, business or just because. The road ahead of you does not have to boring. A road trip involves getting there; not just the destination. There are so many attractions tucked along the road; many known, but so many more, that over time, may have been forgotten or overlooked & many that you may have never heard about.

Road trip attractions come in many forms; such as educational, fun, unusual, freaky, historical, step back in time, tacky tourist attraction, just a place to stretch your legs. Some attractions along the road can be costly; but not all of them are. There are many things to see that will not cost you anything to see or visit. I will try to focus on places that are free, very cheap or offer a lot for the price. While some attractions can be easily accessed from interstates; many are along back roads or in small, quaint towns.

There are so many road trip attractions out there that I typical set my destination as my home. In other words, the attractions are my road trip. I set out to get in as many attractions as I can before returning home. Remember as a child seeing those billboards for some cool looking stop? As your parents flew down the highway, you might have pleaded for your parents to stop. Then, it was gone & you saw that one billboard a child dreads announcing that you just passed it. Well, I’m the mom & grandma that sees those signs and just has to stop!

I believe most people who visit this site should find something they have never heard of before. While you may see some of the typical attractions you know of, the main focus of attractions are on the less commonly visited & known. An example if this: You will find the category for museums under each state. I may list some of the well known museums, but this category will mainly list unusual or little known museums. I hope you enjoy this site & use it to get out there on the road to fun and adventure.

Use the links above to explore things to see & do. You can see attractions broken down by state & category. You may also find the links for travel tips useful.

Come back often & check the Road Trip Attractions BLOG & the Just Added section! Have hundreds of attractions started that haven’t been added to the site; also have hundreds of attractions that I haven’t even got started on.

Did I hear someone say “road trip!”? Let’s get going……

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