Info About Categories

Attractions are listed under various categories in each state. Some attractions may be listed under more than one category.  There are some attractions that are more difficult to categorize. I will do the best I can with those. Please see below to get an idea of what type of attractions may be found in various categories.

ANIMALS, PRESERVES, SAFARIS: drive through animal preserves or safari type attractions, place to pet, interact or feed animals, or places to see animals

BUILDINGS: everything from oddly or uniquely shaped buildings, retro buildings, clock towers to lighthouses; some are restaurants or gas stations; some are remnants of a bygone heyday; cute, strange, variety of stuff

EERIE, BIZARRE, OR HAUNTED: strange locations or themes; also reportedly haunted places

FESTIVALS: Most listings will be for unusual or unique festivals

GRAVE SITES: just what it says 🙂

HISTORICAL SITES: variety of places

IN THE AREA, SO OF COURSE: places that most people make a destination & if you are in the area, it seems like you should visit – may be anything from the Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls, Hollywood sign to the Grand Ole Opry

MARKERS , MONUMENTS & MEMORIALS: may be just a plaque or a whole memorial building; some have to do with history, people, crash sites, etc. – variety of stuff

MOVIE & TV RELATED: Sites where scenes from a movie or television show was shot or based on; attractions that are based on movie or TV themes

MUSEUMS: may include some well known; may also contain museums of specific items, places or people (such as Mustard, John Wayne, etc); some strange, bizarre or cute

PARKS: while you might find some state & national, you will also find unique, fun & interesting local parks in various towns & cities; also unusual amusement or historical type parks

RELIGIOUS: things & places that have a religious connection, such as churches, monuments, crosses, etc

REST AREA: listing rest areas that have an interesting attraction, memorial, photo op, etc.

SAMPLES & FREE STUFF :  Some places offer samples during or at the end of a tour.  Some are also available for just stopping in at a location. While some places don’t have samples, they may offer something extra for children – sometimes just for visiting, others after a small fee for a tour or visit

SHOPPING: Unusual places to shop, nostalgic roadside shops, places to shop for the unusual, unique or unexpected, shops or stores that are unique in products or environment

STATUES: Biggest, smallest, tallest, etc.; Statues of people, animals, food, items; some may not be largest or smallest, but are just there. Some are a part of an attraction; some stand alone and offer a quick spot to stretch your legs & a photo opportunity

TOURS: many places offer tours; some tours are free, while others may charge a small fee; some tours offer samples or freebies; some are guided, others you do on your own; some tours can be done in a few minutes, others may take a half hour or an hour – Some tours have to be scheduled ahead of time. I prefer the ones that do not because I never can predict what day or time I will be in a specific area. You might be surprised at what types of interesting tours are out there

TOWNS: Towns that have a specific theme throughout the whole town or at least a section dedicated to a theme

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