Campsites Ranging From Free to Cheap?

I know there are many campgrounds across the United States that have cheap tent sites available.

I also know things change often. Since it has been a little while since I have been on the road and even longer since I have needed to locate free or low priced campsites, it is time for me to locate more up to date information.

Unless it has changed in the last year or two, some states have parks with campsites that are free on certain days.

There use to be free camping on Wednesdays, as long as it was not a holiday, in various city and town parks in many areas of Iowa. Does anyone know if this has changed? Do you know of other areas that do something like this?

                        Recommendations on places to camp would be appreciated.

The kind of sites, I am interested in:

  • allows sleeping in a vehicle or a tent
  • sites that are free or up to $20.00 a night ($25.00 if they have added amenities)
  • places that are safe
  • sites that have access to a bathroom

I look forward to hearing the great places you all know about!

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