Musical Singing Road – Near Tijeras, NM, Old Route 66

Here’s something new and interesting; a new way to “Get Your Kicks on Route 66”!

You’re driving down old Rt 66 near Tijeras, NM, just thinking about how it must have been “back in the day”. If you are speeding, you can sing along with your radio blasting and hope you don’t end up with a ticket. You could take it a bit slow and just try to take it all in.

How about trying another option? Drive the posted speed limit and have the road play a part of “America the Beautiful” for you. Seriously!

The musical part of the road was paid for by National Geographic as a part of an upcoming series called “Crowd Control”. The section is on old Rt 66 / HWY 333, a few miles from Carnuel, a little after you pass under I-40.

You should see a sign posted for the musical section. You need to drive 45 m.p.h. If you drive too fast or too slow, it will not work. Look to the right side of the road for the little rumble strips. Your passenger side tires need to make contact with those strips.

As of right now, the only other musical or singing road in the United States is in California. The CA road plays the “William Tell Overture”.

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