Problems While Traveling – Cold and Snow

While we can often choose when we plan our travels, there are times we may not have a choice. Family emergencies, trying to make it home for the holidays, and travel for work are examples of occasions that may arise and find you on the road in the winter.

Winter is not the only time you may come across a situation where you may have to deal with cold weather or snow. Snow is found in the mountains much later than some folks realize. When you get in areas of higher elevation, you might be surprised at how much the temperature can drop at night. During a trip to Yellowstone National Park, in July, I checked in with my husband to let him know where we were & found a good example of this. I mentioned, while it wasn’t a lot, the snow looked pretty dotted along the side of the road. I was describing this to my husband, who was back home in Indiana taking a break from mowing the grass in a heat wave ( abt 100 degrees, if I remember correctly).

Obviously, it’s wise to take a little time to be prepared for cold and snowy travel. Due to the crazy type of travel the kids & I enjoy, I try to be prepared for cold weather any time we head out on the road for a trip. I will be posting suggestions, ideas & things to be aware of when traveling in areas you may encounter cold weather.

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