2016 Road Trip Attractions Selfie Challenge

It’s back for 2016! Get out there & explore. Take a road trip and find some cool attractions to enjoy. Maybe you can take a trip hundreds of miles from home or just explore your own hometown. Go have some fun. While you are doing that, take some selfies and … Continue reading

2016 Travel Possibilities & Answers to Questions

I thought I should take a few minutes to try to answer some inquiries: 1. Yes, I am still here. I am still working on the website. 2. No, I have not given up on road trips for visits to roadside attractions or on the road work. As some of … Continue reading

2015 Road Trip Attractions Selfie Challenge

I am always encouraging people to take road trips, whether local or cross-country, and to take time to discover and enjoy all the interesting attractions across the U.S. These road trip attractions come in a wide variety; statues, museums, historical sites, tours of all kinds of place, amusement rides, haunted … Continue reading

Simple Ways You Can Help Attractions Stick Around for Your Next Road Trip

As I mentioned in my last post, I am saddened to see more and more road side attractions closing their doors. I also touched on some of the reasons why this should be a concern for us all. The question is if we want these attractions to stick around to … Continue reading

Road Trips With Loss of Road Side Attractions?

Every time I hear of another road side attraction closing, I feel sad. Unfortunately, this is happening more often. I really find it disheartening when these places close due to lack of visitors. What is happening to the great American road trip? Are we losing that dream? Do we want … Continue reading