Still Not On the Road

My ups and downs with a vehicle has continued, but hopefully will soon be solved. It’s hard to believe that other than one failed attempted, I have not been able to make any road trips this year. Read the previous update here: Road Trip Fail, Need A New Vehicle In … Continue reading

Road Trip Fail, Need A New Vehicle

This past week has had it’s ups and downs. It has been a week of questioning, frustration, and reevaluation. Due to this, posting of new attractions has slowed down. I apologize for that. I am still actively working on the website every day, even if you don’t see a bunch … Continue reading

Heading Out On the Road Again & Hopefully Avoiding Storms

After dropping my daughter, who normally travels with me, off for camp I am due to be on the road first thing in the morning. My 16 year old daughter will be traveling with me. We are suppose to be in North Dakota Monday morning. This could be a bit … Continue reading

Road Trip Plans Change

Quick post to let you know that I am still here & working on this site. I was recently on the road for several days. Stopped at a few attractions along Route 66. Love to see that some are still there. Also managed to catch a few attractions in Texas … Continue reading

Hoping to Get Out On the Road This Year

As some of you know, I had a major breakdown on a road trip this past summer. I was a state away from home. My van had to be towed to a local motel from the highway. Everyone thought at first it was a complete loss & would need towed … Continue reading