Still Not On the Road

My ups and downs with a vehicle has continued, but hopefully will soon be solved.

It’s hard to believe that other than one failed attempted, I have not been able to make any road trips this year.

 Read the previous update here: Road Trip Fail, Need A New Vehicle

In the last post I made about this, the second Blazer had been fixed and I was still needing to figure out getting a road worthy vehicle to take out on the road. As things go, before finding a second vehicle, that Blazer broke down again! This time it is the transmission. Yes, it was the transmission that went on the first Blazer. 🙁

Again, I ended up without a vehicle.

Just yesterday, I was able to finally locate and buy a car! This car seems good to go for any road trip, but I am still stuck here until I can purchase a second, dependable vehicle.

Good news…. I hope so anyway, I am suppose to buy the second vehicle any day now. I am buying from an individual and just have to wait until he gets back in town. As long as that all works out, I want to drive both vehicles around and give them some good test runs. If they both seem to be good to go, I will be hopefully on the road very soon!

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